Medal of Honor - You Blew It!
Featuring Brendan (Modern Baseball) and Dan (Real Friends) in the crowd
It kinda sucks that today’s our one year because the memories are going to eat away at me
My grandparents divorced 22 years ago.
My grandma has remarried three different times
and my grandfather hasn’t even looked at another
When I asked him what went wrong,
he said, “You can love someone with everything
inside of you, but you can never make them
love you forever. I was a fool to think she
wouldn’t leave me.”
You know what? He might just be the best thing that happens to me this year
11 months today. I learned a lot without you this past month and though I still miss you one day I’m gonna see the good in your goodbye.
I’ve never tried so hard for a guy which is bad because I still miss mike but I’m finally realizing I deserve better than bein treated like dirt
All I wanted was closure and that’s all I got but it sure was nice to hear your voice and see your smile without tears